Legal protection of business

Any enterprise, regardless of the type of economic activity, regularly faces issues that only a specialist in the legal field can solve. In addition, in modern conditions, a business that regularly generates profit and has prospects is in a high-risk zone. The threat can arise both inside and outside of the company. Internal factors include bribery, negligence of employees, disclosure of confidential information and others.

External factors are:

  • raider seizures;
  • unlawful activity of competitors and controlling bodies;
  • corruption in a process of receiving services provided by the state;
  • dishonesty and irresponsibility of counterparties.

Therefore, sooner or later the question arises of ensuring proper legal security. The law firm SLS Group offers legal protection of business from raider seizure, groundless inspections, illegal demands of state and local authorities. A team of qualified professional practitioners, each specialized in a particular industry, is ready to create an effective protection system for maximum security of the interests of its customers.

Business protection: available services

The list of services of the legal company “SLS Group” includes:

  • timely and comprehensive legal protection of business;
  • negotiating and support of agreement signing;
  • development of legal documents of any complexity;
  • comprehensive consultation on tax, labor, land, corporate and other legal issues;
  • legal analysis of the activities of the client company or counterparty;
  • conducting a legal audit (due diligence);
  • representation of the client’s interests before the controlling state bodies during inspections;
  • protection of business from illegal actions of controlling bodies and seizure of property;
  • anti-raider services.

When is legal protection of business necessary?

If your business is in a risk zone or you are not sure of its security, we suggest you contact specialists of the law firm “SLS Group” who will gladly and promptly provide qualified legal support on protecting the business from encroachment, and, if necessary, prepare complex legal methods for its protection.

It should also be remembered that even enterprises that at first glance do not seem to be potential targets for raider attacks or public authorities’ encroachments may eventually become such. Therefore, we recommend you have a prepared legal framework in advance to protect your legitimate rights and interests, in which our team can help you.

You can find out more information about protecting your business from tax inspections, raiders and competitors by phone or by filling out a simple online feedback form on the site.