Recently, some changes have been made to the legislation on the improvement of urban development activities, which introduced a number of innovations in the construction industry. Thus, the law introduced changes regarding the procedure for obtaining permits for the commencement of construction and commissioning of already constructed facilities, and the size of fines for non-compliance with the requirements of legislation during construction was significantly increased. Often, the delay in obtaining permits for construction is due to improper filling of documents submitted for registration.
Our company has extensive experience in legal maintenance as a major construction, including residential complexes, parking lots, shopping and entertainment centers, gas stations and individual construction support, reconstruction of redevelopment, etc.


  • legal support for the registration of a notice and a declaration on the commencement of preparatory and construction works (in respect of construction objects which belong to the objects with minor consequences (СС1) by the class of consequences (liability), and those objects that are constructed by virtue of a construction passport);
  • legal support for obtaining a permit for construction work (for the objects that are classified as objects with average (CC2) and significant (CC3) consequences by the class of consequences (liability);
  • appeals for the withdrawal of permit documents for construction work;
  • legal support for the commissioning of completed objects construction (obtaining a certificate or registering a declaration of readiness of the object for operation);
  • legal support during conducting inspections on compliance with the requirements of legislation in the course of construction;
  • appeals against the decisions of the controlling bodies on the results of inspections.