Contract law

Professionals’ non-interference in concluding contracts has very often damaging consequences for one of the signatories. When signing the contract, special attention should be paid to the powers of each of the parties to sign the agreement, the absence of restrictions on the powers of the parties under the law or the Charter, the precise time limits, the prevention from uncertain treatment of the contract terms, the compliance of the contract with the requirements of the law, the existence of all essential terms of the contract, deterring from violation of contract terms. When drafting agreements, we adhere to the principles of simplicity of legal technique, a clear definition of the responsibilities of the parties, the absence of a contract text, which does not bear the legal burden.


  • Drafting contracts of any level of complexity;
  • Legal support of pre-contract negotiations;
  • Legal support when signing a contract;
  • Analysis of contracts for legal risks and potential negative consequences for the signatory;
  • Legal support for the recognition of the contract invalid or its termination;
  • Advising on possible actions in violation of the contract terms by the other party.