The specialists of our company are well aware of the procedure of passing laws, subordinate regulations and acts of an individual character by state and local authorities. We advise clients on issues that are decisive in making decisions by authorized bodies. We use our knowledge of the internal procedures of government agencies to promote and ensure the interests of customers.

It is not a secret for anyone that when launching large projects requiring the involvement of state and local bodies at different levels and fields of work, the result will not be achieved without well-established communication between the interested person and the authorized state body, as well as between the authorized bodies.

The essence of lobbying is that, being a technology for promoting the interest of a person (company) in public authorities, aimed at achieving the adoption of a certain political or managerial decision of the client in the relevant government authority that will be adopted within the framework of the laws and at the same time responding interests of the client.

While the Government Relations is a broader concept that actually represents a part of the overall management of the company and is aimed at building long-term and high quality relations in the legal field with authorized bodies.

However, in this direction the concept of Government Relations is not exhausted and further includes the establishment of communications between the internal divisions of the company, establishing public relations, interaction with specialized industry associations, providing expert evaluation, and the like.

What is the interaction with government agencies in Ukraine?

The policy of the “SLS Group” is aimed at preventing and countering possible corruption elements in relations with state authorities and local self-government. Our company provides services in the sphere of interaction with state bodies in the part that deals with establishing contacts with authorized bodies and business in the implementation of joint projects, as well as coordination of various authorized bodies with each other in the event of their joint participation in one project.

The operating principles of “SLS Group” exclude the application of any material incentives or incentives to authorized persons in a manner not provided by law. Services in the sphere of interaction with government bodies provided by “SLS Group” completely exclude any violation of the law or even the potential possibility of the existence of a corruption component in them. All modes of interaction are absolutely legal and correspond to the law. The methods of interaction include:

  • personal meetings with decision-makers;
  • collection of information, preparation of analytical and other materials;
  • the provision of professional expert assistance;
  • involvement of clients to participate in the activities of consultative and advisory bodies operating under the state and local authorities;
  • including clients to public councils under ministries and other central executive authorities;
  • involving clients in the process of public consultation on the formation and implementation of public policy.

The main mission of the institution of interaction with state bodies in Ukraine is to establish relations between the state and business and is an effective means of reaching a compromise.

When you need a GR specialist

Consultation of a specialist in Government Relations is needed in the following cases:

  • the company’s activities are constantly dependent on the decisions of the supervisory bodies;
  • the company uses in its work resources that are owned by the state: water, subsoil, land, etc.;
  • an enterprise participates in tenders and is a supplier of products or services for public institutions;
  • specificity of the company’s work is related to quotas, which are controlled by state bodies.

The law firm “SLS Group” offers professional legal services on interaction with state bodies. Our experienced GR-specialist, using exclusively legal methods of interaction, is developing the systems of interaction between government agencies and company representatives.