Land law

Taking into account that the land legislation constantly undergoes changes related to the powers of state authorities and local self-government on the order of land plots, registration of rights to land lots and their encumbrances, almost any land-related issue takes a considerable time spent on the independent search for legal decisions. Besides, when involving a land plot in economic activity, the intended purpose and types of use of such a land plot are important. The controlling authorities pay special attention to the compliance of economic entities with the requirements for the purposeful use of land plots. Often, when dealing with land plots, cases of land plotting are present; they may occur due to both the unfair actions of the third parties and technical mistakes in the activity of the authorized bodies. The legal tools for solving such situations are particular in each case, and only professional’s activity in solving such problems provides the opportunity to save time and money. The legal firm SLS Group has employees with many years of experience in the area of land relations; they will help you to solve the problem of any level of complexity and achieve the desired result.


  • legal support of privatization of land plots;
  • legal support for receiving land plots for lease;
  • legal support for the allocation of land, establishment (restoration) of the borders of the land plot in kind (on the ground), the establishment of borders of a land part, assignment of a cadastral number, change of the intended purpose or type of land use;
  • legal support of transactions, the subject of which are land plots: contracts of sale, mines, land servitude, lease, mortgages of land, imposition and removal of encumbrances rights to land;
  • legal support of court disputes related to land rights.