Lease of state and communal property

Despite the fact that the current law has set relatively high rental rates, state property leases are often involved in business activities. An initiative to conclude an agreement on the lease of state property may be made for any property other than property, enlisted in the Law of Ukraine “On leasing state and communal property”.
The procedure for leasing public and communal property may vary; it depends on the type of property, the ownership of such property in the integral property complex of enterprises, their structural divisions. Depending on the results of the study of demand, property can be leased either on a competitive basis or without a competition.
Often, for the conclusion of a lease agreement, the issues of registration of ownership of the property by state and the formation of a land plot as such property must be resolved.


  • comprehensive legal support for leasing state and communal property, including integral property complexes of enterprises, their structural subdivisions;
  • legal analysis of information about the object, which is intended to be leased;
  • drafting of a package of documents for appeal to the authorized body with the initiative on the lease of state or communal property;
  • legal support for participation in the tender for the right of lease of state (communal) property;
  • legal support for getting an agreement on the conclusion of a lease contract from the management body;
  • registration of rights to a land plot as an object of lease in the case of real estate lease;
  • legal support for the conclusion of a lease agreement;
  • appeal of the results of competitions for the right to lease property;
  • legal support for obtaining consent of the authorized bodies for improvement of the object of lease taking into account the cost of the improvements made with possible further privatization of property.