Legal support

In the conditions of modern reform, constant changes and adoption of new regulations, any business in Ukraine needs qualitative legal support. The most popular type of legal support is the presence of a full-time lawyer or legal department. The need to recruit external lawyers arises in cases where the owner does not benefit from hiring an employee, and also in cases when an enterprise needs the support of narrow-profile specialists on a temporary or permanent basis.

There are different situations for which it is necessary to use special knowledge and experience in a certain field, which often goes beyond the skills of a corporate lawyer. Attempts to save on attracting external legal support can lead to significant losses and sad consequences for business. That is why today, more and more often enterprises prefer legal support of business (legal outsourcing).

“SLS Group” offers legal support of business, both in a complex on a subscriber basis, and on individual client’s orders.

Complex support of economic activity is expedient and in demand in cases of absence or insufficiency of lawyers in the structure of the enterprise to ensure effective work.

Legal support of economic activities on behalf of the client will be needed in case when the internal lawyers of the company cover the latter’s needs and support from external lawyers is needed only periodically.

The priority area of activity of the law firm “SLS Group” is the organization of reliable legal support and assistance to legal entities and individuals, regardless of the directions and areas of their activities.

Legal support: the list of services

Legal support of business is necessary for every enterprise that is actively developing and strives to be the market leader. Support of specialists and timely qualified counseling is the key to achieving financial success and an effective way to prevent the emergence of problems in legal aspects. For clients of the law firm “SLS Group” such legal support services are available:

  • legal advice on any issues (oral and written);
  • analysis of regulatory legal acts that are of interest to the client;
  • preparation of documents;
  • development and conclusion of contracts;
  • support in negotiations;
  • representation of client’s interests in state bodies, court and during inspections;
  • registration, re-registration and liquidation of the enterprise;
  • conducting legal audit and other services.

Advantages of legal outcrossing

Full legal support in Kyiv from the specialists of “SLS Group” has undeniable advantages:

  • competence and wide range of services: the support is provided by a team of experienced lawyers specializing in various areas of law and able promptly resolve a legal issue of any complexity;
  • saving time: the client does not need to spend precious time studying normative acts, proofreading contracts, communicating with supervisory bodies – lawyers of the company will solve all legal issues, the client only needs to get acquainted with the results of the performed work;
  • continuity: the legal support of the enterprise from the side of our company is constantly maintained, the specialist will always help and consult in a short time, he will never “go to sick leave”, “take a day off”, “go on a business trip or on leave”;
  • saving money: in order to maintain a full-time legal adviser, it is necessary to equip the workplace, buy office equipment, constantly purchase the office, you also have to pay him wages, sick leaves, leaves, etc.;
  • efficiency: in the event of a problem, do not need to look for a specialist whose competence you doubt – just call to the office of the law firm “SLS Group”.
  • Thanks to many years of experience, knowledge of all the subtleties, consideration of regional and industry specific features, the law firm “SLS Group” can guarantee a high level of protection of the interests of each client.

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