Privatization of state property

Quite often, business entities and individuals refuse to take part in the process of privatization of property due to the uncertainty about the transparency of such privatization and the complexity of the privatization procedure.
The specialists of our company have a great experience of legal support of clients in the privatization procedure, drafting the necessary package of documents for participation in privatization, both on the competitive basis and by the redemption and subsequent conclusion of a contract of sale of a privatized property.


  • legal analysis of information about the object, which is intended to be privatized;
  • drafting a package of documents for applying to the authorized body to participate in the privatization process of property;
  • legal support for redemption;
  • legal support of the person’s participation in the procedure of sale of the property at auction or in competition;
  • legal support for the conclusion of a purchase and sale agreement on the results of privatization;
  • appeals against the purchase of property, the results of procedures for the sale of property at auction or on competitive basis.