Tax law


Tax legislation in Ukraine is systematically subjected to changes. Despite the adoption of the Tax Code, there are still a large number of laws, regulations, regulations and regulations governing legal relations in the field of tax and financial law, and which often contradict each other. In this regard, in order to establish the work of the enterprise, you need to carefully study and understand the tax legislation. The tax lawyers of the law firm “SLS Group” will help you in this.

Many of our clients have learned from their own experience that such a specialist is much more profitable and efficient than a full-time legal adviser who, in many cases, is limited to knowing the basics of corporate law and has insufficient experience. To carry out optimization of taxation or solve a complex dispute with tax such specialists, as a rule, cannot. Law firm “SLS Group” is a team of qualified lawyers with many years of experience, which in a short time will effectively solve the issue of any complexity in the field of tax law, and will also help to develop a tax optimization scheme.

Tax consulting in Kyiv: list of services

Tax lawyers of the law firm “SLS Group” provides a full range of legal services in tax matters, which includes:

  • selection of the optimal taxation system and development of a tax minimization schemes;
  • conducting a tax audit;
  • legal support during tax audits;
  • analysis of tax documentation for compliance with legal requirements;
  • assessment of tax risks when concluding transactions and introducing a new line of business;
  • preparation of responses to requests of tax authorities;
  • resolution of tax disputes of any complexity;
  • appealing decisions of tax authorities in court and representing the interests of the client;
  • drafting legal documents aimed at resolving a tax dispute;
  • refund of taxes paid unnecessarily or erroneously;
  • protection in criminal cases that were opened on the fact of tax crimes and the like.

When you need a tax lawyer

All enterprises in Ukraine, regardless of the form of organization and type of economic activity, should periodically prepare accounting and tax reporting and submit it to the relevant authorities. If there was an error, you cannot do without a tax lawyer. A specialist at “SLS Group” will help you minimize tax risks, avoid groundless and unjustified accrued penalties.

Of course, the accountant of the enterprise, possible to deal with current work related to taxation including everyday legal issues. However, the services of a professional lawyer in the field of tax law are indispensable in situations where it is necessary to optimize the tax payments of the enterprise; to resist unlawful actions of controlling bodies, both directly in the process of tax audit, and in courts of all levels, when appealing against tax audit results; protect the interests of the enterprise and its owners in situations where their position does not coincide with the position of representatives of the State Fiscal Service; get qualified legal advice, etc.

As practice shows, the actions of tax authorities when conducting inspections do not always comply with the requirements of the law, and the accrued penalties are unfounded. In this case, the tax lawyer of the law firm “SLS Group”, who will protect the business from illegal actions of tax authorities and appeal their decisions, will help. The specialist will conduct a system analysis of all documents in the case, assess the prospects for considering the case in court, analyze the judicial practice in the case, prepare a statement of claim and will represent the interests of the client in the courts, both in administrative and in criminal cases.

Sometimes you do not have to wait when a tax inspector come, you can independently initiate a tax audit to check the status of the reporting, find errors and warn of possible negative consequences. After the audit, the tax lawyer can offer the best options for minimizing the tax burden under the current legislation. After all, we must not forget that violations of tax legislation entail not only financial, but also administrative and criminal responsibility of officials.

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