The layer’s services

When deciding to go to court or finding yourself in a situation where it is impossible to resolve issues out of court, it is worth considering the choice of a qualified attorney who will help defend your legal rights and interests.

Specialists of the law firm «SLS Group» have many years of experience in representing the courts at all levels. Regardless of the composition of your case or its specialization, among our lawyers there will be someone who can provide you with the most effective legal assistance.

Choose professionals, because the Ukrainian judicial system does not forgive negligence and mistakes. Updating missed deadlines, filing documents that were not filed in time or correcting mistakes made with inattentiveness is much more complicated than doing everything on time and in accordance with the requirements of domestic law. In addition, these errors can lead not only to delaying the process, which in turn can lead to additional financial costs, but also to the loss of the entire process. SLS Group lawyers are not mistaken in matters that belong to their professional field, therefore, cooperate with the best, cooperate with us and win together!

In addition, our attorneys will provide you with not only a victory in the trial of a case, but will also help to solve problems that may arise at the stage of enforcement of a court decision, if necessary.

Among the services provided by «SLS Group» are:

  • representation in courts of all levels and jurisdictions;
  • preparation of statements of claim and supporting documents;
  • counseling client on related legal issues;
  • legal support at the stage of execution of the court decision.

Contact «SLS Group» lawyers, who will provide detailed legal advice, and help you find answers to other issues that concern you. You can register for a consultation or find out more information by telephone or through the feedback form.