Business protection

Our company offers legal protection of your business from raiding, groundless inspections, illegal demands of state authorities, local governments and other illegal attempts to impact your business or property. Our lawyers will develop an efficient protection system for the highest level security of clients’ interests and prompt protection of client’s interests if an illegal seizure of property or business has already occurred.

You should keep in mind that even businesses that do not seem to be potential targets of raider attacks or attacks by government agencies at first glance are exposed to it. Therefore, we recommend to have a ready legal framework to protect your legal rights and interests that our team can provide.

Our services:

  • timely and comprehensive legal protection of your business
  • negotiating and supporting the signing of contracts
  • development of legal documents of any complexity
  • comprehensive advice on tax, labour, land, corporate and other  laws
  • legal analysis of a client’s or counterparty company’s activity
  • conducting legal audits
  • acting on client’s behalf before regulatory authorities during inspections
  • protection of business from illegal actions of controlling authorities and seizure of property
  • anti-raiding services
  • development of a comprehensive strategy to ensure the security of assets from illegal seizure 
  • legal support for returning assets to the rightful owner and introducing changes to registers
  • acting on client’s behalf before the Commission for consideration of complaints in state registration under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
  • protection and acting on client’s behalf in court

Learn more about protecting your business from tax audits, raiders, and competitors calling us or filling out a short online feedback form on our website.