Dispute resolution

Normally, both individuals and businesses try to avoid the need to participate in legal proceedings. But there are situations when going to court is the only way to protect your interest or restore a violated right. However, sometimes participation in court proceedings is necessary if you are involved in a lawsuit as a defendant or a third party. 

Regardless of whether you are on a plaintiff or a defendant’s side,  the development of strategies and tactics in court, qualified legal support and an experienced lawyer acting on your behalf is the key to your success. 

Our team of lawyers and attorneys will always assist in resolving civil or economic disputes, family matters and disputes with state authorities, as well as disputes on intellectual property protection and others.

Our services:

  • legal advice on the subject of a dispute, examination of documents
  • pre-trial settlement of disputes, conducting claim settlement of negotiations
  • preliminary assessment of legal proceedings’ prospects
  • defining a strategy for protecting interests
  • preparation of a statement of claim and other procedural documents
  • acting on client’s behalf and protection of interests in courts
  • making efforts to secure a claim, cancellation of efforts to secure a claim
  • comprehensive solicitation in court
  • appealing against the court decision in the appellate and cassation courts, if needed, reviewing the court decision in view of newly discovered and exceptional circumstances
  • supporting at the stage of a court decision’s execution


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