Law and Finance Services in Cyprus

Law firm SLS GROUP, together with its partners, offers its clients legal and financial services in Cyprus. Among them: 

  1. Legal support

As a law firm, we want to provide legal protection for our clients. Therefore, we review all legal documents, prepare agreements, conduct legal and financial audits, and carry out all the necessary frameworks to confirm the legal protection of our clients. 

  1. Negotiation conduct

We are confident that we take into account all the important factors for doing business in Cyprus and conduct the negotiations of representing any business interests of the client. 

  1. Assistance in acquiring Cyprus resident status through an investment program. 
  2. Accounting services. 

The partners of our company have long-term experience in accounting services for business in Cyprus and will assist in optimizing and organizing business matters. 



Acquiring Cyprus resident status has several advantages. Firstly, this is an increase in global mobility, which opens up a wide field for improving the living standards of the investor and his family, as well as, of course, providing protection and the diversity of his financial portfolio. 

Today, global mobility is a topic that attracts a lot of attention during discussions in business circles. Specifically, the unprecedented geopolitical instability that is developing steadily around the world causes a feeling of uncertainty and fear for personal and family security. 

In addition, the Cyprus Investment Program provides an opportunity to bear responsibility for one’s own future without shifting it to the alleged international relations and domestic policy.

The Cyprus Investment Program can offer people with high incomes freedom from visa restrictions around the world. For example, becoming a citizen of Cyprus and you can get visa-free access to 164 countries. 

Living within a member state of the European Union provides access to the content of various tax preferences, which greatly simplifies the management of your business from anywhere in the world. You will gain access to new markets and a new circle of communication, which ultimately will lead to the growth of your business. 



– The procedure takes 6 months;

– Lack of physical housing requirements;

– Lack of language proficiency requirements;

– It is transmitted to family members: wife/husband, dependent children, whose age does not exceed 28 years; 

– No requirement to renounce the current citizenship; 

– Low tax rates and free trade within the countries of the European Union; 

– Unlimited right to reside, work and study in Europe, 

– The right to property in an EU member state; 

– Strategic geographic position forming a bridge between the EU, the Middle East and North Africa with direct access to the Mediterranean Sea; 

– The safest country in the world with a population of up to 5,000,000; 

– An excellent education system, as well as high-quality healthcare. 



Step 1. Visit Cyprus to select an investment target, meet with representatives of our company and open a bank account with them. 

Step 2. Apply for citizenship and provide the related data while in Cyprus. 

Step 3. The passport will be issued within 6 months. You will need to make another trip to Cyprus to receive it.

Step 4: After receiving the full approval of the application, you can submit a similar application for the corresponding status for your children and parents. 



Option 1: Investment in real estate, land construction development and infrastructure projects with not less than 2 million EUR in cost. Investment in building land being included in this criterion provides that the investment plan for the development contains the purchased land being involved in the application.

Option 2: Investments not less than 2 million EUR in the financial assets of Cyprus companies or organizations. These companies or organizations must be confirmed by a physical presence in Cyprus, significant activity and turnover, as well as a staff of at least 5 Cyprus citizens or the residents of EU-member states. Invested funds are used to finance the investment goals of these companies, based on a specific investment plan. 

Option 3: Investing in Alternative Investments Funds (AIF) or financial assets of companies/organizations in Cyprus with not less than 2 million EUR. Investments of these funds should be made exclusively in the Republic of Cyprus, created in the Republic of Cyprus, and licensed and controlled by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec). Investments should be kept for at least 3 years. 

Option 4: The combination of the above criteria. The combination may also include investments in government bonds amounting to 500,000 EUR issued by the Public Debt Management Department of the Ministry of Finance. These bonds must be kept for 3 years.