Defence in cases of corruption offenses

Corruption slows down Ukraine’s growth a lot. Steps aimed at preventing corruption and punishing liable persons are urgent. However, the anti-corruption mechanisms introduced by Ukrainian legislation are imperfect and may concern persons whose actions do not involve corruption. 

The imperfection of the law enforcement system results in law enforcement agencies allowed to initiate the prosecution of employees even without sufficient evidence of corruption. The issue is particularly urgent given that in some cases a person brought to justice for a corruption offence is subject to dismissal from his or her position. 

The anti-corruption machine also affects those performing the functions assigned to them by the state in good faith and those declaring their income and wealth.

Given the heavy bureaucratisation of the Ukrainian anti-corruption legislation and its internal procedures, it can be difficult for a person brought to justice to independently protect his or her rights and good reputation. Under these circumstances, you will need legal support the SLS Group team is always ready to provide. 

Our services:

  • advising on compliance with anti-corruption legislation, financial control and conflict of interest’s prevention
  • assistance in filling out and verifying declarations of persons authorised to perform state or local government functions
  • acting on client’s behalf in cases related to corruption offenсes through administrative proceedings 
  • acting on client’s behalf in cases related to corruption crimes in courts

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