Corporate law/Merger and acquisition

Successful business starts with the right choice and construction of a corporate structure that will ensure, on the one hand, reducing the risks of corporate conflicts, and on the other hand, improving the management system. This will directly affect the efficiency of economic activities.

Whether you are launching an enterprise from scratch, or you are a member of an existing structure, or you are attracting partners for your own business, competent legal registration of agreements is a guarantee of proper implementation and protection of your interests.

You have to primarily focus on the content of the constituent documents, the scope of the Director’s authority to conclude and sign contracts, as well as the conditions for entering and exiting the company. 

SLS-Group provides comprehensive business support starting from the development of the corporate structure and the conclusion of a corporate agreement to the reorganisation, sale or liquidation of your company.  

Our services:

  • development and conclusion of a corporate agreement between the company’s founders/members, taking into account specific features of the company’s activities
  • registration of enterprises of any organisational and legal form, including nonprofit-making organisations
  • preparation of the charter in view of the individual wishes of the founders regarding the structure of management bodies, the scope of authority of management bodies, control over their activities, profit distribution, and so on
  • reorganisation (merger, acquisition, division, transformation) and liquidation of legal entities
  • conducting a comprehensive legal audit of enterprises (Due Diligence)
  • legal support of a supreme management body’s meeting
  • legal support in resolving corporate disputes
  • legal advice on the prevention of raiding and control over the enterprise in the event of its illegal seizure.

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