Interaction with government agencies

The policy of our company is aimed at preventing and countering possible corruption elements in relations with state and local authorities. We provide services in the interaction with public authorities in the part that concerns establishing contact with authorised bodies and business in the implementation of joint projects, as well as coordinating various authorised bodies among themselves in the case of their joint participation in the same project.


SLS Group’s operating principles exclude the application of any material incentives to authorised persons in a manner not provided for by law.

The services in interaction with public authorities provided by our company completely exclude any violation of law or even the potential existence of a corruption component. All methods of interaction are exclusively legal and comply with the law. 

Interaction methods include:

– personal meetings with people authorised to make decisions;
– collecting information, preparing analytical and other content;
– providing professional expert assistance;
– attracting clients to participate in the activities of advisory bodies operating under state and local governments;
– attracting clients to public councils under ministries and other central executive authorities; attracting clients to the process of public consultations on the development and implementation of public policy.

Institute of interaction with public bodies in Ukraine aims at establishing relations between the state and business. It is an effective means of reaching a compromise.

Cases you may need a GR specialist

Consultation of a Government Relations specialist is required in the following cases:

  • company’s activity constantly depends on the decisions of regulatory authorities;
  • company uses resources that belong to the state, including water, mineral resources, land, etc;
  • company participates in tenders and is a supplier of products or services to government agencies;
  • company’s activity is related to quotas controlled by government agencies.

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