Subscription legal services

Outsourcing some of the work is an effective solution for both small and large businesses. For small businesses, the involvement of an outsourced lawyer allows to effectively resolve legal issues as they occur, without the need to hire an employee, develop a system for monitoring their work, etc. For large companies that employ their own lawyers or have a special department, outsourcing lawyers are effective for solving issues that go beyond the current specialisation of an enterprise and require the involvement of field-specific specialists. 

The involvement of outsourced lawyers allows client’s employees to have spare time to perform the company’s immediate tasks and effectively develop their skills.

Our services:

  • comprehensive legal support of a company’s work
  • providing advice on specific legal issues
  • drafting and examining contracts
  • preparation of draft orders, protocols, and other administrative documents  developed during economic activity
  • acting on company’s behalf in court

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