Land law

Due to the imperfection of land legislation and land registration in Ukraine, a large number of landowners and users, as well as real estate owners, face problems in their allocation, documentation and when concluding transactions regarding land plots. There are also frequent cases of encroachments on land plots by third parties, including public bodies and prosecutors, who file claims to cancel the procedures for allocating land plots to citizens and organisations. 


Legal mechanics for dealing with such situations are individual in each case, and only the involvement of a specialist in solving such issues provides an opportunity to save time and money. 

Our company employs experts with vast experience in land relations, who will help you solve issues of any complexity.

 Our services:

  • legal support for the privatisation of land plots
  • legal support for obtaining land plots for lease
  • legal support for land allocation, establishment (retrieve) of land boundaries in nature (on the spot), establishing the boundaries of land, assignment of cadastral numbers, repurposing of the land;
  • legal support for transactions involving land plots: purchase and sale, barter, land easement, lease, mortgage agreements for land plots, imposition and removal of encumbrances on land rights; legal support of legal disputes related to land rights.

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