Tax law

Following the results of 2019, the tax system of Ukraine ranked 65th in the ranking of ‘simple tax collection’, that is, it is not simple at all. Therefore, any business, project financing, operations with real estate and other assets require budgeting and calculation of tax consequences. Besides, any current business activity requires timely reporting and payment of taxes as well as competent actions in case of a mistake in such reporting or tax calculation. 

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian tax authorities cannot tell mistakes made intentionally from those made accidentally, they are guided by the principle ‘Ignorance of the law is no excuse’. 

However, our team is always ready to help you with tax law, including planning a tax burden in projects, consulting in taxes and fees of enterprises, in transactions with real estate, corporate rights, securities and other assets; supporting or appealing the results of a tax audit; appealing against unlawful decisions of tax authorities or accrued tax amounts. We will always assist you!

All enterprises in Ukraine, regardless of the form of organisation and type of economic activity, must periodically compile accounting and tax reports and submit them to the relevant authorities. If an error occurred, you need a tax lawyer. 

Moreover, tax legislation in Ukraine is constantly undergoing changes. In this regard, it is necessary to both carefully study and understand the tax legislation, and to monitor all amendments and the practice of their application. Our tax lawyer will help you to reduce tax risks and avoid groundless and unreasonably accrued penalties.


Many of our clients have learned from their own experience that such a specialist is much more cost-efficient and effective than a full-time legal adviser.

 Our services:

  • choosing the best possible tax system and development of tax planning proposals;
  • legal support during tax audits;
  • assessment of tax risks when concluding transactions and introducing a new business line;
  • preparing a response to the tax authorities’ request;
  • resolving tax disputes of any complexity;
  • appealing against decisions of tax authorities in court and acting on client’s behalf;
  • drafting legal documents aimed at resolving a tax dispute;
  • refund of excess or incorrectly calculated taxes;
  • protection in criminal cases filed in respect of tax crimes and the like.

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