Protection of honour, dignity and business reputation

Development of information technologies has created an opportunity for each person to distribute information of any content to an unlimited number of people. This often results in its misuse by spreading false and offensive information. 

Sometimes, it is possible to restore rights violated by the distribution of false information in a pre-trial procedure. However, when false information is distributed with the specific purpose of harming honour, dignity or reputation, the only way to restore rights is to apply for defence in court. 

Our company has vast experience in protecting the interests of both individuals and legal entities against discrediting their honour, dignity, and business reputation by unfair actions of third parties on the Internet, in print media, and on television, including cases where an author of such information and its distributor are unknown.

Our services:

  • collection of information for comprehensive analysis and choosing effective ways to protect violated interests extrajudicially
  • preparing a request to delete or refute false information
  • preparing a statement of claim and representation in court to protect person’s honour, dignity, business reputation and compensation for moral damage
  • acting on a person’s behalf at the stage of decision’s execution on protection of honour, dignity business reputation and compensation for moral damage

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