Corporate law

In spite of the fact that a number of changes related to the prevention of raider attacks have recently been introduced into the legislative acts, unfortunately, illegal seizure of enterprises takes place quite often, especially if the company owns real estate or valuable movable property. In order to prevent such negative issues, special attention should be paid to the content of constituent documents, the scope of the powers of the director to conclude and sign contracts, and, if necessary, take measures to limit the possibility of property alienation.
Our company specializes in corporate dispute resolution. The lawyers of our company have a successful experience in protecting the rights of founders and shareholders both in the courts and in the Commission for the consideration of complaints in the area of state registration under the Ministry of Justice.


  • registration of enterprises of any legal form, public bodies;
  • drafting a charter, taking into account the individual wishes of the founders on the structure of the governing bodies, the scope of authorities of management, control over their activities, distribution of profits, etc.;
  • legal support for holding the meetings of the supreme management body;
  • legal support of the resolution of corporate disputes;
  • legal counseling on the prevention of raiding and returning control of the enterprise in case of its illegal capture.